Friday, December 23, 2011

Silly password requirements

It's been a long while since I wrote an Eclipse-related post, but this just irks me enough to point it out:

What is this, 1995? Users should be allowed to use a passphrase instead of this archaic way of trying to make passwords stronger. This is silly.


Anonymous said...

Not to mention that the hint doesn't match the password requirements. You have to have at least one lower case character as well. It took me a half hour to figure out why the password I was typing which matched the criteria presented wasn't being accepted.

Hendrik said...

There is an XKCD comic about this:

konberg said...

Eric, have you received any comments from the Eclipse Foundation about this? It really stinks.

Wayne said...

Denis is on it.

FWIW, Webmaster does monitor Planet Eclipse; but your best bet to make sure issues are addressed is to open a bug (assuming you can log into the bug tracking system, of course). If you can't do that, a note to is a good second choice.

Eric Rizzo said...

I did send a note to Denis about it, before writing here. I kind of figured this was a temporary situation, since Denis and team are pretty pragmatic.

Denis Roy said...


Sorry, can't seem to find your Dec. 23 email about this... You have my personal email and my IM -- I rely on people like yourself to tell me I'm being stupid before actually pointing out the fact to the whole world. Not everyone knows (yet).

I've since relaxed the password rules, since others have also written in to remind me how silly this whole thing was.

Happy New Year!