Monday, August 30, 2004

Look out Greeks, the Rizzos are coming!

Jaz and I are busy getting ready for our trip to Greece on Sept 3 - planning, packing, preparing, practicing photographing, postulating the possibilities,... [OK, I'll stop with the alliteration]
We've decided to head out with only minimal reservations and a rough sketch of an itinerary - only booked a hotel for our first few and last nights in Athens. For the rest of the 12 or so days & nights we'll be there, well we're just going to wing it as we go. What an adventure - could turn out to be disastrous (I doubt it), but it also could turn out to be great.
So stay tuned to this space [we hope to update it about every other day as we make our way through the ancient land]. If we get lost, side-tracked, or arrested, it'll be fine as long as they have diet soda and Internet access wherever it is that we end up :-)
El Penguino will keep you company while you're here, but please, don't feed him table scraps.

Eric and Jazmine