Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tip of the hat to Oracle

As most Eclipse community members probably already know, a recent change by Oracle in the JDK/JRE for Windows caused serious problems for Eclipse. But in a sign that Oracle really does understand the importance of Eclipse in the Java community, as well as a nice gesture of cooperation and consideration, they've rolled back the change that caused the problems and released new builds.
I admire Oracle's willingness to respond quickly to this issue, in spite of the fact that Eclipse code was admittedly relying on non-documented and non-API data. Ian Skerret also deserves credit for directly engaging people at Oracle to make this happen.

Hats off to cooperation!

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Ian Skerrett said...

I appreciate the kudos but in this case I was just the messenger of good news. Oracle had made the decision to respin before I spoke to them. I agree it was a great gesture of cooperation from Oracle!