Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Ia - Another slice of heaven

When we were on our way to Santorini island we were unsure of which town we wanted to stay in, and for how long (we have been considering visiting another island for a couple of days). Well, Ia and the Filotera hotel have made the decision easy! Ia is a charming old-world style town built right into the cliffs, where all those famous pictures of little cubical white and blue houses and blue-domed churches come from.
Today we spent in an easy stroll through the town, Jazmine visiting every little craft shop and souvenir stand (Jazmine: "Not every one; every other one maybe...") and Eric taking about 1000 pictures.
We met so many friendly people - shop keepers, artists, other tourists - that we can't even remember them all. But most enjoyable of all were the quite, traditional atmosphere and the picturesque scenes that we discovered all day long.
Here and here are some of the dozens of such scenes that we captured.

Our afternoon ended at the cliff-side northernmost point where hoards of people gather for the sunset.

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