Friday, September 10, 2004

Goodbye Meteora, Hello Crete

Short entry today, since it was just a traveling day. It was very difficult to leave the little slice of heaven that we'd found in Kastraki, but we had to get on the road back to Athens to catch our plane to Iraklion on the island of Crete. As we said goodbye to our gracious hosts Thanassis and Tula Nakis at the Doupiani House (and Jazmine said goodbye to the kittens) we were eager to get to Crete.

The sunset was nice from the plane, but Iraklion is not the most scenic place to land. A large city that is thoroughly "modern" in that it has as much traffic, noise, and pollution as if it were a suburb of Athens. We had dinner at a little Italian restaurant in an old restored building (all restaurants in Greece seem to be occupying buildings that are at least 300 years old!), and we were struck by the sizable youth population and accompanying trendy cafe and bar scene that permeated the "old town" part of the city. It was very hip and trendy and very European...

Tomorrow we visit the oldest ruins in Greece (maybe the oldest surviving in the world), Minoa.

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