Friday, September 9, 2005


A handy utility/helper class for obtaining instances of EJBs (and InitialContext instances and Home interface instances)

In a recent mailing list discussion I mentioned a utility class called EJBFactory that I've used in the past. It encapsulates most of the ugly boilerplate and error-handling code that an EJB client usually must include in order to obtain references to EJBs. I offered to publish a version of the code, so here it is:

It is not complete; for one thing, as the class comment says, it does not do narrow() ing of the remote references it gets. But that should be easy enough to add, and the more robust, complete version of this idea is in code owned by a previous employer of mine.
Hopefully someone will find this interesting and useful as a starting point for implementing whatever their EJB client code needs. I welcome any feedback about improving it.

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